Spongepot = smart germination
Anyone who grows knows that germination is the most crucial moment.

Nothing is more aggravating than seeing only half of the seeds emerge after the first week. With Spongepot products you will not have this problem. Spongepot contains all that is required for an optimal germination process. All you’ll have to do is continue to water them and preferably use fresh seeds!

Spongepot products

Spongepot Tray 20

Spongepot tray 20
4 x 5 sponges. 9,5 x 12,5 cm
Weight: 125 gram

Spongepot Content

Spongepot is an all in one germinationkit. Everything needed for an optimal germination process is part of the Spongepot product range:


Including soil enhancer containing soil bacteria and Trichoderma fungi.


The sponges are provided with a readymade seed hole, so you can start right away


The sponges are composed of an airy peat and cocos mix


The Spongepots are packaged moist and maintain their airy structure

The advantages of Spongepot

  • 1 With Spongepot products you have everything you need for germination.
  • 2 Due to the organic bonding, the young cuttings are easy to repot: the sponges will not disintegrate.
  • 3 You can start immediately: there are even readymade holes in the sponges.
  • 4 Spongepot is suitable for all seeds. Vegetables, fruits, plants and flowers. Everything grows in a Spongepot!
  • 5 The included soil enhancer promotes the growth of a healthy root system.
  • 6 The young seedlings will become less susceptible to external influences.
  • 7 Due to the airy structure, the air-moisture ratio is perfectly balanced, allowing the, allowing the roots to easily grow. 

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The advantages of Spongepot

Spongepot products are suitable for germinating all seeds. Whether it's carrots, tomatoes, sunflowers, herbs or flowers ... you put the seeds in the ready-made trays and all you have to do is provide heat and water.

Suitable for fruit


Suitable for plants


Suitable for vegetables


Suitable for flowers