How to use Spongepot?

Learn on this page how you to make optimal use of the the Spongepot products in a very simple way.


Germinating with Spongepot is very simple. However, it is important to use the Spongepot products according to our instructions.

Follow the 6 steps below (and from the video) for an optimal germination process.

How to use in 6 steps

Step 1
1 Dissolve the supplied bacto in 1 liter of water
Step 2
2 Water the Spongepots with this solution
Step 3
3 Drain the excess water
Step 4
4 Plant 1 seed per Spongepot 3 to 5 mm deep
Step 5
5 Place the Spongepot in an area between 22 and 26℃, this is the best germinate temperature
Step 6
6 After 3 to 7 days your seed will have germinated and you can transfer the seedling with the sponge to a pot with potting soil